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Novawing24 (aka Tristan) is an Australian based creative content producer, gamer and Flight simulation addict.



The origins of his YouTube channel were out of a desire to challenge what he could do and to teach himself new skills that may or may not be of any value. From humble beginnings as a very amateur gaming cinematographer, Novawing24 has built upon each video to raise the bar and develop his skills and lack of talent into something (apparently) enjoyed by thousands around the world.

Beginning with simple expressions of Microsoft Flight in video, Novawing24 developed a passion for sharing his experiences with the world. Beyond that he also seeks to give back to a global community that has been supportive and critical of what he does. To that end Novawing24 branched out in 2014 and began reviewing add-on content for the Flight simulation world as well as sharing his non Flight simulation gaming pleasures.

Encouraged by many of his fellow aviators and by his own internal desire to always challenge and learn new skills, Novawing24 took to developing and publishing repaints of Flight Simulation aircraft starting with Microsoft Flight before progressing to Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D. As part of this he also began tinkering with scenery design and has worked with the SIM720 team to develop his skills.

Known for his distinctive laconic vocal style and at times abrupt nature, Novawing24 shares video content on a regular basis on his YouTube channel as well as bringing additional to content to the flight simulation world. He is known for his weekly simulation news show – The NovaWrap and irregular product reviews.

Novawing24 lives in Newcastle, Australia with his two furry co-pilots, Austen and Wolfbane. When he is not flying in virtual skies or working his real-world job in Defence he enjoys triathlon and playing Mass Effect.

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