Douglas C-47 CSIRO – VH-RRA

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The Douglas Dakota is the military version of the venerable Douglas DC-3. Produced in their thousands during WWII, many found their way to the civilian market after the war. Others soldiered on in official service often in new and unique roles.

Originally in service with the RAAF as A65-97, it was later sold to the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) as a platform for research and development in 1964. It would serve with the CSIRO through a variety of units until 1979 when it was removed from the register. It would later be stripped for parts before being used by the Kingsford Smith Airport as a fire practice airframe for the Airport Fire Department.

This depiction is as she looked during her tenure with the the Atmospherics Physics Division and operated by East-West Airlines on behalf of the CSIRO.

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