Douglas C-47 Fleet Air Arm Royal Australian Navy N2-90

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The Douglas Dakota is the millitary version of the venerable Douglas DC-3. Produced in their thousands during WWII, many found their way to the civillian market after the war. Others soldiered on in official service often in new and unique roles.


Originally serving in the USAAF as 44-76551 then the RAAF as A65-90, it was delivered to the Royal Australian Navy in 1968. It served as a navigation test bed and then on as a training airframe before being withdrawn from service in 1974. It would later be transferred to the Royal Australian Navy Fleet Air Arm Historic Flight and be re-registered as VH-NVZ. It was withdrawn from service in 2015. It is now preserved intact as the Fleet Air Arm Museum in Nowra.


This is for ESP platforms. X-Plane version available here.

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