OnlyAvgeeks Airbus A320Neo – Microsoft Flight Simulator

OnlyAvgeeks Airbus A320Neo – Microsoft Flight Simulator

Oh Hey There!

We know what you really want. When you smell that spicy aroma, that sharp bouquet of kerosene. When the crackle of the radio is music to your ears as the rumble of 100,000lb of thrust moves your soul.

You are a true Avgeek!

Now you can showoff your true Avgeek, with OnlyAvgeeks! Also includes OnlyAirbus and OnlyPlanes! We celebrate all simulation fantasies!

Stay Sexy!

Includes OnlyAvgeeks, OnlyPlanes and OnlyAirbus liveries and an AI model!

Unzip the contents of the download into your Flight Simulator Community folder.

This is a Freeware product. Just select $0 for the price. If you want to set your own price to help support my work that is also super cool too! 😎

A copy of the manual is available here:


P.S. Yes this is satire but the livery and the merch are real, so if you want to support a crazy artist how about buying something from the store?

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