Royal Flying Doctor Service AI Livery Pack


The Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia is a non-profit Aeromedical Service that provides Primary Healthcare as well as Emergency Care and Evacuation services to regional and remote parts of Australia.

Founded in 1928 by the Reverend John Flynn following his experiences as a missionary in remote Australia and the tragedies he had observed befall those who pioneered in the Australian Outback. Fusing together the two emerging technologies of Radio and Aviation, he believed together they could change the lives of thousands of Australians.

To this day, the Royal Flying Doctors Service of Australia, known colloquially as The Flying Doctor, provides critical care services, and acts as the local healthcare provider for thousands of Australians away from major towns and cities. They rely heavily on community participation and fundraising to continue their critical role.

This texture has been created in partnership with the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia, and proceeds from any sale go directly to supporting their ongoing efforts. This release is donationware, if you choose to pay more than $0 for it, then 50% of each sale goes to the RFDS. By purchasing this livery, you are helping to keep the Flying Doctor Flying!

This texture set applies the new RFDS colour scheme to two of the generic AI traffic models in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

This texture set is a zip file to be placed in your Community folder. A copy of the readme is available here:

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