Supermarine Spitfire LF Mk IX Burmese Air Force

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Following the independence of Burma from the United Kingdom in 1948, a number of aircraft were transferred from the Royal Air Force to the fledgling Burmese Air Force.

In 1953 the Burmese Air Force purchased 30 Spitfires of various models (including a number of Mk IX’s) from Israel as well as Seafires from the United Kingdom. Upon arrival in country, they were given camouflage, that while based on original patterns, varied greatly in both pattern and colours.

They would serve in Counter Insurgency Operations for many years throughout the country and defended Burma’s skies.

This pack includes three aircraft that I could find references for, one full wing and two clipped wing variants.

– UB440

– UB441

– UB433

Interestingly enough, another former Burmese aircraft has since been restored to flying condition in New Zealand!

This livery is for the Flyingiron Simulations Spitfire LF Mk IXc for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Package includes a self installation executable.

This is a Freeware product. Just select $0 for the price. If you want to set your own price to help support my work that is also super cool too! 😎

A copy of the manual is available here:

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