Supermarine Spitfire LF Mk IXc MJ250 – The Silver Spitfire

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Spitfire LF Mk XIc MJ250 / UF-Q was produced at the Castle Bromwich factory in 1943 before being shipped to North Africa to serve with 601 City of London Squadron, RAF. It would see combat throughout North Africa and into Italy. It would be Struck of Charge and scrapped in Italy in 1945.

This airframe was unusual for the squadron, as it was the only one in an overall silver finish instead of the standard European camouflage, yet the top engine cowling remained free of silver.

In the early 2000’s the RAF’s Battle of Britain Memorial Flight’s LF Mk IXe MK356 was repainted to represent MJ250 and flew in those colours until 2017.

This release includes both the original MJ250 and the representation of MK356 in these markings.

This livery is for the Flyingiron Simulations Spitfire LF Mk IXc for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Package includes a self installation executable. You will need to know the location of your Microsoft Flight Simulator Community folder to complete installation.

This is a Freeware product. Just select $0 for the price. If you want to set your own price to help support my work that is also super cool too! 😎

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