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    Up Close Preview of Microsoft’s New Flight Simulator

        It was a blustery overcast day in Seattle. It was early and some bleary-eyed gamers assembled in a hotel...

  • Caribbean FSX Default

    Caribbean Exploration!

    So I’ve been giving some love to some of the old default aircraft that ship with Microsoft’s FSX. The cool part...

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    We’re Back Online!

      So after a couple of weeks of being down, the website is back! (obviously!) So I’m still not exactly sure...

  • BSG Deadlock Launch

    Beyond The Red Line

      So I’ve taken a little side trip away from the traditional Flight Simulation content on my YouTube Channel and made...

  • MSFS logo

    More News about Microsoft Flight Simulator

    There have a been a few developments in the emerging world of Microsoft Flight Simulator in the last few days. Firstly,...

  • N24 CT4F ZKCTF 08

    A Kiwi Glass Parrot

    I’ve just released my latest livery, this time of a more unusual subject. The Pacific Aerospace CT/4 is a well known...

  • MSFS logo

    Guess Who Is Back In The Flight Sim Business?

      In a move that caught EVERYONE by surprise, Microsoft announced the rebooting of their long dead franchise Microsoft Flight Simulator....

  • 3GS Covers 017

    The Future Is Here!

    The Three Grumpy Simmers are back with a new episode all about Virtual Reality! Not all that long ago, the concept...

  • envelope on fire

    Contact Forms Down

    Hi Folks, Just want to update you on the website here. It turns out that the plugins I’ve been using for...

  • Soviet Republic Background

    Welcome To Novaria Komrade!

    So lately I’ve been mucking around with my skills as a Communist Leader in a new simulation title released by 3Division...