• MSFS logo

    Guess Who Is Back In The Flight Sim Business?

      In a move that caught EVERYONE by surprise, Microsoft announced the rebooting of their long dead franchise Microsoft Flight Simulator....

  • 3GS Covers 017

    The Future Is Here!

    The Three Grumpy Simmers are back with a new episode all about Virtual Reality! Not all that long ago, the concept...

  • envelope on fire

    Contact Forms Down

    Hi Folks, Just want to update you on the website here. It turns out that the plugins I’ve been using for...

  • Soviet Republic Background

    Welcome To Novaria Komrade!

    So lately I’ve been mucking around with my skills as a Communist Leader in a new simulation title released by 3Division...

  • N24 Discord banner 2

    Discord For All!

    Watching the success and growth of Discord has been fascinating for me. As many of you know I am part of...

  • OPED MV Title Image

    MilViz’s Greed and Arrogance Revealed

      In the ongoing saga of Military Visualisations and the ATR72, they have revealed the true depths of their disdain for...

  • OPED MV Title Image

    Ned Kelly’s Not Dead Yet

    Its late on Sunday evening, I sat down at my computer to continuing working on my familiarity with a couple of...

  • N24 Carenado H850XP VHBMW 00

    Luxury Biz-Jet!

    I’ve been asked a few times over the years to make a version of VH-BMW; and now I’ve finally finished one...

  • 3GS Square cover 2019 start

    Three Grumpy Simmers Return for 2019!

    The Three Grumpy Simmers are back for another year of navel gazing nonsense while asking the uncomfortable questions of our community....

  • Viper H60 release post

    New(ish) content!

    Well… newish 😉 Right as 2018 was drawing to a close I put out some new liveries, but forgot to post...