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So in case you have been hiding under a rock (a really, really big one) Dovetail Games has released the first of their two planned entries into the flight simulation world with Flight School. I’m not going to talk much here about it (check out my You Tube channel for those thoughts) but I do want to cover off the idea of modding it.

DTG has said from the outset of the announcement of Flight School that it was going to be a closed environment with no 3rd party add-on support or modding support. But here is the thing, the flight simulation community is full of people who love to tweak things and mess with things, which in my opinion is a good thing. Don’t get me wrong I understand why DTG did what they did, as after all this is not pitched at those of us who have been flying virtually for a while; it’s aimed at those who want to try out virtual aviation and see if it’s for them. But it’s always nice to give your aircraft a new set of clothes every now and then.

So with the release of Flight School I found myself going back to my roots as it were with virtual aviation and messing with repainting the Super Cub that you get. Today I am proud to release two repaints for the PA-18 Super Cub in Flight School. Both of these are real aircraft operating in Australia. Yes, I know they are fairly basic repaints, but there are more in the works. I also have a couple for the Cherokee, however DTG have locked down that aircraft quite tightly so they may have to wait a little longer.

If you have Flight School and want to try a new colour scheme head over to my Downloads page and grab yourself a new paint scheme!

Safe Skies

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