With the recent release of the F-4E Phantom II from DC Designs, I’ve put the finishing touches to and released two new livery packs into the wild!

First up is in some ways a follow on to my previously released Typhoon pack by recreating a number of aircraft from 1435 Flight Royal Air Force, just this time for when they flew Phantoms.

This pack contains four airframes, one of which (XV421) in two schemes.

Second sled off the truck is something a little more whimsical. This pack takes a number of appearances of the Phantom from the Ace Combat franchise and brings them to life in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The pack includes liveries depicting Trigger’s various schemes throughout Ace Combat 7 as well as Mobius 1 from Ace Combat 4. There is also a somewhat less canonical depiction of a member of Glamrock Squadron from Ace Combat 7.

Both liveries are available now via my GumRoad for free (or if you want to toss some coins to your texture artist you can do that too)! Each one is available as either an installer or manual ZIP file.

Thanks for your continued support!

Safe Skies

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