With thanks to a commission from a community member, I have finally been able to tackle an aircraft for MSFS that I have long wanted to create liveries for… the Big Radials P-40!

I was tasked to create “77” flown by the 3rd Pursuit Squadron as part of the famed Flying Tigers, and oh boy what a journey it was. While I love the P-40, the model is NOT conducive to making new liveries. But, I persevered and finally tackled this challenge. And what a challenge it was!

Essentially, for the airframe I had to start from scratch. Actually, not essentially … I DID have to start from scratch! Starting with a clean bare model, I built it up layer by layer to create a livery that I am proud of. Once completed, I thought it was high time this underrated aircraft got some more livery love, and given that my first was an AVG livery, I felt it appropriate to make a few more!

So I have now released 7 airframes from the famous Flying Tigers, covering all three of the Pursuit Squadrons that formed part of this group.

They are individually available now with a collection pack planned soon. For those who might be wondering, I plan on releasing the collection pack containing all 7 liveries on Marketplace at some point in the nearish future as well.

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