Welcome to 2019!

2019 Welcome Post

Welcome to 2019 here with Novawing24!

So its a little later start to the year than I wanted but here we are!

I’ve had more than a few technological and real world challenges since my last video of 2018, so thanks for your patience with me as we finally get 2019 underway.

The NovaWrap is back once again for another year of providing you with an independent coverage of all the latest release for the simulation genre.

I have been working on some more how-to guides for some of the lesser used features of Prepar3D as well as some non-simulation world content just for fun.

The Three Grumpy Simmers are also going to be back for another year of grumpiness! (I know you’re excited right?!)

Other than that I will continue to update with more liveries and other content as the year progresses. Don’t forget to stay in touch on the Facebook page for more details!

Thanks for your support so far and lets make 2019 a great year!

Safe Skies!


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