Caribbean Exploration!

Caribbean FSX Default

So I’ve been giving some love to some of the old default aircraft that ship with Microsoft’s FSX. The cool part is that most of these still work with Prepar3D v4! I was quite surprised, and although some of them aren’t perfect, sometimes they are all we need!


So with this discovery I went away and went exploring in the Caribbean and created three liveries! For the Beechcraft King Air 350 I have a Mexican Air Force transport in a rather sinister black colour scheme. I also have a more mundane example of the Jamacian Defence Force Air Wing. The real life version of this aircarft is fitted with a variety of sensors and a belly maritime search radar, however my rendition does not feature these. I may do that in the future but my 3D modelling skills are basic at best! I then went across to the Bahamas to create the livery of one of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force‘s transport and patrol aircraft, a Cessna 208B.


Do you fly the default aircraft much? I really enjoy them, and I think that they are underrated in all sims. Head over to the Downloads section to grab these liveries now!


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