My first textures for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator are now available.

The new sim is undoubtedly visually spectacular! However for those of us who make liveries, there have been a LOT of changes behind the scenes. To be fair, this is a massive step change when it comes to the flight simulation genre, so it is to be expected. It has meant that a lot of techniques that used to be reliable, are not so much any more.

With the release of the new sim, I also wanted to do better for you the user. I want to make sure that you get the best experience. So I took my time, not only to work on the textures, but to make the experience better. As such, my MSFS liveries are now packaged as installers; no more messing with config files!

My first liveries are of the Cessna 172 VH-DIN used by the Air Training Corps in Australia. I have produced two versions of it now available, one for the default G1000 172, the other for the Analogue Gauge variant in the Deluxe Edition of the sim.

I hope you enjoy them and look forward to seeing them around virtual skies!

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