A quick update for everyone. My current hosting provider, while overall better than my last, inexplicably has chosen to lockdown the ability for users to download zip files. This is of course how I package almost all of my content. As a result, at least temporarily I am having to find an alternate solution to deliver content to you all.

I am working with the hosting provider to unlock the zip file restriction, and am usually able to do so with them in around 24 hours. As I write this, that restriction has juts been lifted and users can once again download form my site. Unfortunately the unlock is not permanent and rests randomly, forcing us to start the cycle again. If there is something you are trying to download from my existing content and get an error while trying to download let me know ASAP via email or Facebook and I will get raise a ticket with the hosting provider.

So what is the path forward? All new content will, at least for the time being, be delivered via Gumroad, The vast majority of my content is and will remain freeware, the only real difference is that now the files themselves are being hosted on a different platform. Many have asked why I don’t just use one of the other hosting platforms to deliver my content, and it is a valid question. Bottom line for me is that with version controlling and flexibility I feel I can deliver a better product to you this way.

Thanks as always for supporting me and enjoy the content!

Safe Skies,

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