Greetings Aviators!I wanted to provide you all with an update.

Following the ongoing conduct of, especially with their accusations to content creators that by removing their own content from the platform that we are somehow supporting piracy(!?!?!), I have made the decision to not only no longer upload content to that platform, but to withdraw all of my content from it.

All my content has now been removed from their and is now available via this website and my GumRoad ( store. As previously, all of my free content remains just that, free. I have also taken on board the feedback from many virtual aviators that there is a preference for zip only packages and not self installers. As such the vast majority of my content has been updated to support both self-installers (exe files) and manual install (ZIP packages). There are some exceptions to this, and that is due to where the packages are too large for GumRoad’s file servers.

I know that this will reduce my exposure to newer members of our virtual skies, but I will always put my integrity before fame and popularity.

So, this is where I am asking for your help! If you have grabbed one of my liveries from GumRoad, please leave a rating for it! It really helps them to be found by other users!

Thank you for your ongoing support during this transition period. As a bonus, don’t forget that you can find my premium payware content available on my GumRoad store as well!

In the meantime I am working on several projects, including bringing DC Design’s Phantoms to life for their upcoming release as well as some liveries for the JU-52 and P-51.

Safe Skies and I’ll see you all again soon!

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