Hi everyone. I am still on my break settling into my new location. However, I feel it is necessary to discuss with you a topic that has been widely discussed throughout the flight simulation community in the last few weeks. I have previously made a statement on my Facebook page but wanted to update my website for clarity.

The website Flightsim.to has become the main source for many of us to access the wide range of content available for our beloved Microsoft Flight Simulator since its launch. I myself have uploaded quite a large amount of content to it for the community to enjoy. However, it has come to light that the team behind it has taken actions of questionable legality with an aim to undermine us all, but especially those of us who are committed to providing the community with quality content.

Without due notification, they changed their ToS to essentially declare themselves the sole owners of all content shared through their platform, stealing the work from developers who commit their skills and their time to the benefit of all. This action is unconciable and goes against the very heart and soul of our entire community and all that we stand for. I cannot in good consciousness continue supporting a platform that acts in this way therefore I will not be uploading any content for the foreseeable future to that platform, and I have made the decision to remove the majority of the content I have currently on that platform. My content will continue to be available through this website and through my GumRoad store.

I know that they have made more updates in the last few days in an attempt to ally the communities’ concerns, however the continued haphazard nature of the updates as well as the updates and conflicts of their operational and ownership locations have led me to the conclusion that this site is no longer one that I am willing nor able to trust. I understand that I have potentially lost a great resource to be able to promote my work to members of the community, many of whom only found me because of that site. However, I will not compromise my standards just for the sake of some numbers. I have for the longest time adhered to the philosophy that I create the addons that I want to see in my simulation experience to the standards I expect. So I want to thank all of you who have come with me on this journey and enjoy the content I produce.

Thank you for all your support and I look forward to flying the community skies with you all again soon.

You can read my original thoughts about this here: https://twitter.com/novawing24/status/1626731504444354563… and on my Facebook page.

Safe Skies

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