DC Designs F-15 Ace Combat Trigger Pack


Trigger is a renowned and feared Osean Defense Force pilot.

Serving with Mage Squadron out of Fort Gray’s Island, he was present when the Kingdom of Erusea declared war. He would go on to fight throughout all theatres of the war. During Operation Lighthouse Keeper he would be accused of shooting down the former President, a crime for which he was sentenced to serve in the 444th Penal Squadron, known as Spare Squadron.

This pack contains Trigger’s aircraft from both Mage and Spare Squadrons.

See this pack in action here! https://youtu.be/i19Go4kLiEM

Package includes a self-installation executable.

This is a Freeware product. Just select $0 for the price. If you want to set your own price to help support my work that is also super cool too! 😎

A copy of the manual is available here: https://novawing24.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/DCDesigns-F-15-AC-Trigger-Pack-Readme.pdf

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