So like many young men, I had an obsession with all things Playboy at one time or another. However, mine stemmed from the famous VX-4 Evaluators and not the more traditional source 😉

Sadly, as technology has moved on, the days of colourful (and less politically correct) colour schemes has long since left us. And that is one of the reasons I LOVE flight simulation, we can do it ourselves! Although we may never see the likes of a Black Bunny tailed F-35C, we can experience it in a sim. So I combined the still of the original Vandy-1 with a later verison that adorned the F-14D of the squadron after it had been reorganized into VX-9 to produce this beauty.

F-35C Lighting II “Vandy-1”

This livery is designed and tested with the freeware F-35C, however should work with the payware version as well.

A huge thank you to my Patreon’s for testing this livery and giving me some great feedback!

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Safe Skies


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